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Sneaky Sacks: Reviews

Don't just take our word for the quality and satisfaction of our Sneaky Sacks™, check out what our customers have to say as well as some insights into why the product was invented by our founder.

Read Sneaky Sack Reviews Below-

This Sneaky Sack is amazing. I don't know why someone hadn't thought of it sooner! I have a drawer of sex toys that I am often worried my kids will one day find... now Mommy's gotta a brand new bag all to herself!

Leslie- Oakton, VA

I got your Sneaky Sack for me while I travel and loved it so much, I got them for gifts this year for my family and friends. They are truly ingenious!

Chris- Boulder, CO

I use my sneaky sack to hide my jewelry. It is perfect as I can easily access it and not worry about anyone finding out where it is.

Jennifer- Washington D.C.

I want to thank you for your great idea. I own a gun and have always been worried about it falling into the wrong hands. I bought a lock for my Sneaky Sack as I feel much better about it being locked and hidden where no one will think to look.

Drew- Cedar Rapids, IA

From Founder Dr. Lisa Lawless

I can't help but be excited about the Sneaky Sack™ because I designed it. We have so many customers that asked for something like this and we decided to create a product that met all of their desires. It is great for most any size product and can easily be tucked inside clothes to make it almost impossible to find. This aspect makes it great for a variety of things, including important valuables even when you travel.

In my own personal life, I have given them to friends and family and use them myself. For example, my father was in a nursing home with advanced Parkinson's Disease and his valuables kept getting stolen; he was the first person I sent one to because unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to hide such items. Also, being a mom, I also like using my Sneaky Sack™ to keep my child out of things he should not be into and to hide jewelry and other valuables. I keep mine under a big, bulky sweater and you would never know it is there!

I proudly stand by my product as I use it myself and I know you will love it too. Enjoy!



Lisa Lawless

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