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Sneaky Sacks Hide Valuables & Personal Items

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Sneaky Sacks: Discreet Innovations-

Our product, the Sneaky Sack™ is a discreet storage bag (hidden safe) that is the best place for hiding your personal items from kids, roommates, guests, and others. This durable, waterproof bag provides pockets for separating contents to keep items from accidentally damaging one another and provides better organization.

Our Sneaky Sacks™ are a very effective means of keeping your valuables protected in the event of a burglary. You can look for other hidden safes but you will never find something as simple, economical as our secret safes that can be used as gun safes, wall safes, media safes and cash safes. With the hidden compartments within our Sneaky Sacks™ you can hide everything from sensual products to jewelry storage.

Hides & Stores Items From View

Does Not Make Noise When Clothes Are Moved

Perfect Under An Old Sweatshirt- Look Right At It & Not See It

Machine Washable & Durable

Multiple Storage Pockets For Organization

Pockets Keep Products From Damaging Each Other

Can Be Locked For Increased Security (Lock Not Included)

Hides Even Large Items

Double Layered - Very Strong For Heavy Items & Will Not Rip Bag

Waterproof- To Store Personal Lubricants, Massage Oils, Etc.

What If Something Spills Inside?

The Sneaky Sack™ is waterproof and washable. Machine wash in cold water and hang dry.

What Fits Inside?

We made the Sneaky Sack™ perfect for hiding even large items. If you have something particular in mind, review the dimensions below to ensure a perfect fit-

Proudly Made In USA


Out of Stock


Exterior of Sneaky Sack- 17.5" Height x 13.5" Width
Main Compartment- 17.25" Height x 12.5" Width
Back Pocket- 13" Height x 12.25" Width
Front Pocket- 12" Height x 12" Width
Straps- 4" Length x 1.5" Width

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