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Hiding Valuables from Roomates

The Sneaky Sack™ helps you to keep your personal items private. Whether you just want to keep something discreetly hidden or you want to ensure that valuables are not taken, we have you covered!

If you have a roommate then you know that keeping things private or hidden is always a gamble. Particularly with college students on campus there is always a risk that not just your roommate may get into you personal things, but someone you did not even know who comes over for a visit.

Roomates & Theft

In 2005, a survey conducted by featured a list of items that roommates have a tendency to steal, with 52 percent of college students confessing to stealing random items from their roommates and 82 percent temporarily borrowing items without their roommate's consent. Items that are taken vary from jewelry, cologne and even MP3 players.

Anne Newman, coordinator for Community Rights and Responsibilities at Illinois State University, has heard on numerous occasions about roommates stealing from each other while visiting the Conflict and Resolution department. "A couple of times a year, we get information referred to through the discipline system because someone filed a police report against their roommate, but usually that's pretty serious. Every once in a while, through the mediation program we will get students who are just frustrated that their roommates are taking their things," Newman explained.

The Sneaky Sack™ helps to protect your valuables especially when hung under a ratty old sweat shirt so that your roommate would never want to wear it. Thus, the Sneaky Sack™ will remain hidden and your personal items will remain secure.

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