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Hiding Items Using the Sneaky Sack

The Sneaky Sack™ helps you to hide personal items as well as valuables and important information.
Let's face it, there are certain things in our lives that we like to keep secret or hidden. Hidden safes like the Sneaky Sack™ can be very helpful when it comes time to store valuables or private information in your home. Because the Sneaky Sack™ is hidden there is little chance that it will be discovered by your kids, a maid, roommate or a house guest.

The Difference Between Hidden & Diversion Safes-

A hidden safe is one that is not able to be viewed in plain sight. A diversion safe is an object that appears to be something other than what it really is, such as a soda can, wall clock, paint can, flower pot, etc.

Diversion safes are effective, however as thieves become more accustomed to them, they are easier for them to spot or investigate. Sneaky Sack™ was designed to completely hide your personal items under clothing or even inside a pillow so that that a burglar will not be able to see that there is anything there in the first place.

Diversion safes are also more likely to be thrown away. An example of this is having a soda can diversion safe; left out this can and others like it get thrown out. Also, book safes are also very popular and have been featured in several recent movies which make them more likely to be discovered. Therefore, hiding your safe is a better alternative and Sneaky Sack™ has you covered.

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