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The Sneaky Sack™ helps you to conceal those sexy items that should be kept private from your kids and guests.
Sex is natural, beautiful and something we all have the desire to enjoy. With all the wonderful sex toys, personal lubricants, massage oils and other sensual goodies available today, it is nice to know that your sex life can stay private! Just hide your sexy products in our waterproof, bacteria resistant Sneaky Sack™. Simply put it under sweater or sweat shirt and no one will be the wiser of your little love chest.

Keep it in Reach of the Bed

There's nothing worse than having to interrupt foreplay to walk across the room and unpack a toy from its secret spot deep in a drawer. If it's not close to the bed, it's not a good place to store your toys. The same goes for lubricant and massage oil. Keep ‘em handy, or plan ahead by putting a Sneaky Sack™ inside one of your pillows!

Keep Them in the Nightstand

This is the number one place people store their sex toys. It keeps them close by and out of sight. If you have children, this however may be a bad place for them as kids tend to look through drawers for flashlights and other fun things.

Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are not glamorous by any means, but they are discreet and fit nicely under the bed. Still this is a good place for kids to find them and is why using the Sneaky Sack™ in your closet or a decorative pillow is a good way to go.

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